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5 Life Goals for Jennie Grange Photography

I’m a big believer that you can write new goals any time you want besides new years!
I do love new years and that time for thinking about the new year thats coming and planning your new goals for the next year
but I also love that if you can have a new goal anytime throughout the year!
I wanted to write down 5 life goals here on this blog so I can look back at them for motivation and to keep track of them!

Life Goal #1: Be the best mom to my littles 
My most important calling is being a mother. I love being a mom and nothing else brings me greatest joy.
Its also really exhausting and challenging but I LOVE it.
The silly times, the hard times, the playful times, all of it.
When I’m playing with my kids and I’m present with them, than I know i’m doing everything right in the world.
I know its my calling to raise these little humans and raise them so they can go out and take on the world!

Life Goal #2: Capture a lot of families in the stage of life they’re in
When I’m doing a family session and I see the way a parent looks at their children or I see the way the spouse looks at the other spouse during a session, I LOVE IT SO MUCH.
I feel honored and trusted to capture families.
I love spending my time with them and my goal is to capture lots more!
I want to capture the way you play with your children and they way they look at YOU.
The candid images that you will frame in your house for many many years.

Life Goal #3: Spend my time with lots of lovers in love. 
One of my life goals is to spend my time capturing lovers in love.
I love the whole process of engagements, formals and the special wedding day!
Every single one of those sessions or days are so dreamy and special and I love watching people in love and capturing that for them.

Life Goal #4: Have a loving home 
This goal ties in with being the best mom but I want to give my children a home.
Not just a house but a kind and loving home.
One they feel safe in and that they feel like its their most favorite place to be, a home that will give them many many memories.
I know one day my babies will grow up and go take on the world and I hope they will always want to come back home.
I love my parents home and I know i’m always welcomed there and I hope that for my babies.
I want them to have the best childhood in there home.

Life Goal #5: Love my person 
When I was thinking of my goals I could have said take a really nice trip to the beach or win a ton of money but my goals are simple and true and ones that will make my heart the very happiest. One of the reasons why I love shooting love and couples because I see it in their eyes! The true love look and it reminds me of how I feel towards my person.
My life goal is to take small adventures with him. To growing a garden together to taking a trip to disneyland.
I know if i’m with him than all is right in the world.
But really one of our goals is to go somewhere really tropical like Tahti but as long as i’m with him i’m happy.

Life goals can be small and simple or huge and extravagant.
I have my huge goals like take my family to disneyland maybe every 5 years 😉
but the simple goals are what make my heart sings.

Life Goals | Jennie Grange Photography
Photo By: Breanna Weston

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