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Summer is starting to slow down and coming to an end and this was such a fun summer!
We spent a lot of our times in the mountains, pools, beaches and eating a lot of snow cones. Which is a must for summertime!
I wanted to share 5 tips for enjoying a beach day with littles.
I’ve learned since having two kids it’s always better to be over prepared than not.
I hope these will help you next time you do a beach day!

1. Pack enough water, food and snacks.
Nobody wants to get thirsty and no one wants to get hangry.
I love packing water bottles and gatorade and sandwiches already made because no one wants to make a sandwich on the beach and get sand in it.
Another good snacks for littles on the beach is squeeze it applesauces. No sandy fingers getting in the applesauce! win win!!

2. Bring a canopy or umbrella.
Unless you have a nice shady tree to provide shade, definitely bring a big canopy or umbrella.
It’s nice to be in the sun while you’re in the water, but when you’re relaxing at the beach you want some shade.

3. Wear and pack sunscreen
I remember one time I got the worst sunburn and it killed for like 4 days.
You also don’t want your littles getting a bad sunburn, so its always good to come prepared with that!

4. Back a blanket or chairs
You want somewhere to sit while you’re under the canopy or umbrella.
We have a old blanket thats put together well but its perfect to take to beaches because it’s not that special and its fine to get sand on it.
We also bought some folding chairs that are perfect for taking to the beach or even using to sit and watch fireworks.

5. Have fun and enjoy the moment with your kids
Put the phone away and be present.
I saw this quote one time that went like, “you have 18 summers with your children, use them wisely.”
I want my children to remember me swimming with them in the lake and building that sand castle.
Slow down and enjoy the sun and the beach.

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