Favorite Type of Session

Want to know what my Jennie Grange Photography favorite session is and why?
Then you better keep on reading.
I sat and sat and thought and did some more thinking and for the life of me I COULD NOT PICK ONE.
Families or couples? Families or couples? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

I really can’t decided.
I love them both SO much.
So instead of making me pick I will just go on about why I love each one.

Ogden Family Photographer

Family Sessions:
I love how natural, candid and FUN family sessions are.
At Jennie Grange Photography I like to to have a good time and lots of times my clients tell me that their husband isn’t looking forward to family pictures and I haven’t had one husband after the shoot say that was easy, that was fast or that was fun. We have so much fun during family sessions.
We get lots of fun posey send to grandma shots but they ones I know you will cherish even more are the candid laughs, kids chasing each other and genuine fun.
And that right there is why I LOVE family sessions.
I love letting your little ones be little and capturing them doing that.
I love watching you guide your child and the way you hold them and I get to capture that. It makes me smile from ear to eat just thinking about it.

Ogden Family Photographer

In my personal life I have family images of me and my little ones that I LOVE and CHERISH.
I have those special ones printed around my house and you can bet I will always have them on my wall or on a bookshelf because it gives me all the feels just looking at them.
Your little ones grow so fast and to capture the stage of life you’re in so you can always look back and remember just makes me feel lucky to be able to do that.
I wonder if its because I have little ones so I know how fast they grow up so to capture it for others really really makes me feel so honored to be able to do that.

Ogden Wedding Photographer

When I was writing weddings I had the biggest grin on my face.
Weddings are so fun. Its you and your lovers special day.
They day you have dreamed of their whole life and I get to spend that day celebrating and capturing your LOVE.
I could just do a happy dance thinking about it.
I love spending a day with the couples and their families celebrating.
I love capturing them walk together hand in hand as husband and wife to cutting the wedding cake to the first dance.
Weddings aren’t just another day its YOUR day and its one you will look back on for the rest of your life and I LOVE being there to help your day run smooth
and capture all the small and beautiful moments.

Ogden Wedding Photographer

Even after writing this blog post I still could not pick my favorite session.
Its too hard. ha! Each one is special and makes my heart tick in each own way.
Just know if you have me capture your family or your dreamy wedding day know that I LOVE it and I LOVE being there.

Favorite Type of Session | Jennie Grange Photography



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