Getting to know Jennie Grange Photography

Its time I introduce Jennie Grange Photography on this blog.
The girl behind the camera. Hey ya’ll!!
It’s super easy to write about your clients and how adorable they are but when it comes to writing about yourself its quite the challenge!
I wanted to write this blog, so you could get to know your photographer better.

Jennie Grange Photography

I’m a mother, wifey and photographer.

I’m married to a tall dark and handsome fella who still to this day makes me giddy and helps me make any of my dreams come true, together we have two little boys! Named Andrew and Emmett!
They both complete me and make me the very happiest!
I love being with them, to playing in the sandbox and getting sand squished between our toes or family snuggles on the couch.
I’m the happiest when i’m with my kids and completely focused on them!
I love being a mother and wouldn’t trade it for the world! It is my most important job.

I also LOVE going camping and smelling that fresh mountain air, planting flowers and gardening, waking up in the morning and going outside barefoot and feeling the warmth of the morning sun on my face while i’m watering, family walks and bike rides, any romance movie or book, spending time with family,
the color mint, everywhere and anything, seriously.
And of course taking photos, especially of my little ones!

I absolutely love and cherish photos!
They’re so special and the best thing to help remember those special moments!
To your wedding day, welcoming your child into the world or even making a mess while baking cookies.
One of my favorite past times is pulling out our family photo albums and looking at all the wonderful past memories.
That is why I started my business Jennie Grange Photography because I want to capture families and love for people so they have those special photos to have for years and years and to cherish.
It makes me SO HAPPY to think of people printing the photos I take and hanging them up in their home and cherishing them for years.

Photos By: Breanna Weston

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Meet Jennie

I'm Jennie, I'm a wife, mother, and photographer.
Telling your stories through photographs.