How I started my photography journey

This is the story about my photography journey.

I’ve always had a camera in my hand. I remember in elementary, my mom bought me a disposable camera to take on the last day of  school.
I absolutely loved it. I remember taking pictures of everything- from teachers to my friends to the school building to even my desk.
I wanted to capture everything and to remember my time in elementary school.
I remember when I got my prints back it made me so happy.
I had captured the memories I didn’t want to forget! Still to this day I have those elementary prints in a scrapbook.

I also remember in junior high most of my friends had a point and shoot camera and I always was the one setting up the shot or taking the picture.
I longed for the day to have my own. For Christmas one year I opened up point and shoot camera and I was thrilled!
I took that camera everywhere- camping, the cemetery, cheer practice, literally everywhere.
I enjoyed taking photos so much! It was one of my favorite hobbies!

Fast forward to my first wedding anniversary. I expressed over and over to my husband how one day I would want a DSLR camera to take pictures with.
I wanted to step up my game from a point and click camera.
After we went to dinner to celebrate our one year anniversary, he took me to the store and surprised me by buying me a camera!
I was so giddy! I loved having a nicer camera than a point and shoot. I was always taking pictures and documenting life!

Now, one of my favorite past-times is looking at old images I’ve taken, even still my elementary disposable prints.
When I had my first son, I began to realize that I wanted more from my images.
I wanted to capture my son in the real raw beautiful moments. I started doing so much research online about how to take better images and how to use my camera.
I spent hours and hours reading post and books on how do do so.
After researching and even taking a photography class, I was on my way. I loved being able to get the images I wanted and be in control of my camera.

One day, one of my friends asked if I would take some pictures of her. Up until then, I had never taken someone’s pictures before.
After that little session, I knew there was no way of going back.
I started dreaming about one day, if I became a photographer, I could have the chance to capture young love, growing families
and their special moments with their children and giving them the joy that photos have always given me.

I’m so thankful my mom bought me that disposable camera many many years ago.

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