Ogden Temple Formal Pictures

These formal pictures at the Ogden Temple might be my favorite.
The best part about doing formals at the temple before your actual wedding day is no ones there!
You don’t have to worry about people being in the background of your images and also another big bonus is you can take the photos when the lighting is at its best of that day!
The clouds in some of these pictures kill me! It was such a beautiful night that night!
Emma and James really are my favorite to hang out.
One thing I really loved was when I was taking pictures of Emma, James was behind me saying, “work it and you go girl” and things like that!
It made Emma smile and I loved that! They sure do know how to make each other smile and laugh and thats so important!
The Ogden Temple is so beautiful and no matter what season you get married there its always going to be beautiful.
Emma wanted to do formals at two locations and more images the better!
Here is the link to the other formals we did of these two love birds.
I’m so excited for their summer wedding!

Ogden Temple Formal Pictures

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