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I’m so excited about todays blog post because its about the Photo Camper!
Besides being a photographer my husband and I also have another side business and its this darling vintage trailer and inside is a fully functioning photo booth!
Almost a year and half ago my husband called me while he was at work, saying he had the most brilliant idea and then started to tell me how he was going to buy a old trailer and restore it and turn it into a photo booth for weddings and events.
I thought he was crazy honestly, maybe because I couldn’t picture it actually happening or the idea of it.

Then my husband came home one day with the most run down beat up trailer. I’m not even kidding it was so bad.
The walls and ceiling had water damage and the ceiling was almost going to cave in and he pulled up to our house with the biggest smile on his face.
If he wouldn’t have been so excited I probably would have killed him. ha!

For the next couple months after that he worked so hard on completely restoring it. Once the inside started to get finished I finally saw the potential that it could be.
He worked so hard on restoring it for the next 4 months!
Once it was fully restored it was now the fun part! Decorating it and choosing what colors and everything. Thats where I came in.
We had a lot of fun putting it together and even more fun at our very first event.

We do a lot of weddings with the Photo Camper and it sure is a joy! It brings so much fun to a wedding reception.
My very favorite is when my husband is there with the Photo Camper and I’m there shooting the wedding.
Ps. Little secret for you. If you book me as your wedding photographer AND the Photo Camper,
you get a discount on BOTH.

I’m so happy we have this cute trailer and the fun times it brings.
If you want to see more of it, make sure to check out Photo Campers Website by clicking HERE.

Photo Camper

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