What to wear for family pictures

What to wear for family pictures is one of the top questions I get when people book a family session with me!
It’s always so fun and also a bit of a challenge to decide what to wear for family pictures.
But hopefully with some of these tips it will make it easier on you!

Ogden Family Photographer

1. Pick a color scheme
Pick a color scheme that goes well with your family and what matches your families style.
I always suggest starting with one color you love and then adding other tones and shades to that color.
When you print your photos what coloring will look good in your home?
Think about where they will be displayed and if that color scheme you’re choosing goes well within your home and decor.

Ogden Family Photographer2. Have the mama pick out her outfit first
I know its so easy to pick out the little ones outfits right at first but the mama needs to pick hers out first!
When the mama feels pretty than it will all fall into place.
From my past experience i’ve picked out everyones outfits first and then left me to decided what I was wearing last and nothing when with what I had already picked.
Trust me mama, pick your outfit out first and it will all work itself out.

Ogden Family Photographer

3. Dress Up
Its not every day you get family pictures taken so step it up from your normal outfit choices that you wear everyday.
These photos will be displayed and cherished for years so dress up!

Ogden Family Photographer

4. Wear whats comfortable
I always say dress up to what feels comfortable.
I love to wear dresses for family pictures but I know if I wore high heels than I would not be comfortable AT ALL.
So I wear sandals because I know thats comfortable for me.
If you wouldn’t normally wear it then don’t wear it.

Ogden Family Photographer

5. Wear what reflects your personality
So many trends come and go but where what fits your personality!
If you love florals where them! If you love to be dressed up then wear dressy clothes.
You want your pictures to reflect your families personality and you!

Ogden Family Photographer

6. Avoid distracting clothing
Don’t wear clothing with huge logos and writing on them because that will be a distraction in your pictures.
I promise thats the first thing your eyes will go to if someone wheres one with a huge logo or words on it.

Ogden Family Photographer
Family pictures are suppose to be fun and not stressful!
Hopefully will these 6 tips on what to wear for family pictures will help guide you!

Ogden Family Photographer

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